Active Gallery

In the Barcelona context is developed the breathable façade project. No energy active façade that interacts with the most powerful and regular energy source of the Mediterranean countries, the solar radiation. Under this concept, it i design a new generation of the traditional interior courtyard glass façade: the gallery. The prototype it is a set of watertight plastic containers that are hold on a steel profile structure. Eeach element stores different colored liquid, and composes the entire interior façade of any building. The amount of solar radiation, it is directly related with the natural ventilation that  buildings require. This is why each component it is automatically opened or closed, according to exterior conditions. The bottles rotation is based on an equilibrium system. When temperature increases, the liquid reaches its evaporation state and the bottle centroid is shifted. As a result,  the bottle rotates until getting a new equilibrium. Different pressures inside the bottles allow to control the quantity of bottles that reacts in each situation in order to display a different openness gradients. The active gallery is a dynamic façade that changes during day and night, and across the different seasons. 

Adrià Escolano

Maria Ubach Peralta

- Published on eVolo / Progettare / Earthtechling