A Table / A Space for Social Interaction

The phrase "a table", announces a happening in the family. The 'at home '- feeling, of the family around the table, under the same roof is underlined in this project. By the creation of a house for 75+ we were searching for recognition moment, that could bound us to a project   for this target group of people. This target group, 'our grand-parents', which we meet on the table on weekends, birthday parties, Xmas etc. The table became a key element of our proposition of our project in Nieuwpoort.
The table is central happening in the living area under the roof of the building.  Each typology and sequence of this contributes to the low scale of urbanization, which can be experienced by an inner street.The entrance connects the different typologies on the most compact manner with each other.

On top of the table effect, every typology is characterized with a bow window, which grants a total overview of the outside space for each resident.

This outside space is characterized by a" wadi" with small scale buildings with roofs made of red roof-tiles. With the axonometric we underline the urban phenomenon. The small scale urban aspect can also be found on the back side of the houses '' the barracs", what the residents build themselves to extend their houses.

Adrià Escolano