Spiderman is Comming

Our initial concept was a variation or inversion of the maritime theatre in Hadrian‘s Villa (Lazio), where the audience moves around a series of central stages. This configuration enabled productions of great complexity. We found this inversion of topics fascinating, and decided to investigate a similar concept for St Anne’s church. In our proposal, the centre-periphery duality takes on a slightly different form: we consider the whole floor and the walls of the church as the stage, and the void they define, the seating area. We would propose applying a tinted (black) varnish on the walls, as a reference to Prague’s well known “black theatre”. Seats for the audience would actually be harnesses hanging from cables, motorised so as to have three degrees of movement in space, as well as the possibility of 360 degree rotation. The result would be an extremely flexible performing arts venue, where the audience could be situated at any height, position and orientation. This would enable productions where the seats are concentrated around a particular area, or dispersed throughout the church, taking maximum advantage of a difficult (annoyingly linear) space. As for the fact of presenting a comic book presentation instead of a classical architectural one, we just thought that the best way to investigate a space designed to contain narratives would be to construct one of our own.

Adrià Escolano

Maria Alejandre, Ana Leon, Luis Montoya and David Steegmann 

 - Honours Mention. Spiderman is Comming. International Competition 8th oistat Theatre Architecture Competition
- Publication TAC 2011 Catalogue. 8th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition
- Collective exhibition 2011: OISTAT Theater Architecture Competition at Prague Quadernial. Prague. Czech Republic